What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

We look for the Possibility.

With more than 45 years of combined event planning, and 20 years of graphic design experience, Yellow Chair Events is ready to take your event to the next level.

Danielle Faris, CMP

Principal, Event Strategist

How can thoughtful event design exemplify your company's mission?  What systems can maximize your attendees experience with proper planning, budgeting, timing, and implementation?  Where can collaboration move your event to the next level?  

These are the details Danielle and her team will jump into, pull apart, breakdown, and build back up again.  Because, after watching her young daughter knocking down block towers, there is one thing she has learned about the art of play: it is important to build towers, but it is as equally important to knock them down and create something new.

Janice field

Lead Event Planner

How do you design an event that exceeds stakeholder and participant expectations? It begins by mapping the participant journey through their perspective.  From identifying ways to raise awareness about the benefits of attending, selecting intuitive web and mobile platforms, to designing the optimal on-site event experience, Janice brings your potential to life.
After traveling to 46 of the 50 US states, Janice knows the importance of creating a detailed yet flexible itinerary that allows for wow moments on the road. She’ll create a path for participants to navigate the event based on your goals and content, while allowing them to create meaningful connections along the way.

Amanda Swartzbaugh

lead event planner

Amazing Amanda

Are you ready to work with someone who will connect with your audience in a way that represents your organization seamlessly? Adding a touch of southern charm to customer service, onsite event management, and a sharp eye for design, Amanda creates an event atmosphere to surpass your vision. 

Swimming upstream through a sea of details, she will bring your event to its fullest potential like only a competitive swimmer can: with grace, a clear head, and always a smile.  With a life lived in all four time zones, and a passion for all things outdoors, Amanda will be your tireless sustainable event planner.

Susan Fry

Graphic Artist

LISTEN.  It all starts with taking the time to listen to you, your ideas, your dreams.

VISUALIZE.  Next, we let that all percolate a bit. How do we best communicate visually—simply and clearly—your message to gain the most attention, the most response and the best results?

CREATE.  Now we get to the fun part. The best part. This is where it all culminates into the final product. It may take some time and some back and forth, but in the end, the final design will be all about you. And now the whole world listens.